Panepinto Pig 7 months old – 14 kg.
Panepinto Pig Consultants



We are the originators of the first true Micro/Miniature Pigs, which we have selectively bred for more than 2 decades. No one anywhere has been raising real micro-size pigs longer than our group. While others may claim to have "micro-size pigs," many of those will eventually exceed 80 kg in size. Panepinto Pigs are the real thing. Our work in genetic selection, humane methods and specialized husbandry is well documented and widely published, which a literature search keying on Panepinto will quickly confirm.

Our pigs are the world's smallest, maturing at less than 12 kg and reaching a full adult weight under 40 kg. Their small size and exceptionally calm, friendly temperament make them ideal for children's zoos and other specialized applications where hands-on contact is important.

Panepinto Pigs

Panepinto Pigs
7 months old - 14 kg

Panepinto Pigs in an enriched environmentWe deliver all pigs door to door ourselves on deep bedding in air-conditioned comfort, avoiding the hassles of commercial air or ground transport. At delivery we are available for in-person facility review and other hands-on assistance or training if desired.

Please contact us for all your Miniature or Micro/miniature pig needs.

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